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01 Dec 2017
You can now buy these macros from All the updated versions with support for Corel X8 and 2017 are there! Click on boxes below to be redirected to the product's page on
Programs (macros)
EffectsForCut LEDTool6 CADTool 5 NeonTool 7
VariablesTool Axonometric3 Charting 3 Symmetrical 2

List of macros
Terms of Agreement
Programs (macros)
Axonometric3 CADTool5
Charting 3 EffectsForCut
LEDTool7 NeonTool 7
Symmetrical 2 VariablesTool2

Free macros/utilities
AP_ConvertColors AP_CrossingLines AP_Fractal
AP_RandomFill AP_SymbolsToObjects Biorhythm
FractalCurves GetHexColor HatchFill
HighLights InstallGMS.exe Mirror
PStoCurve RandomShapes ReSaveCDR
SetGuidelines2 Sinusoidal TangentToCircle

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